Gående elever till skolan toning

A Swedish school that gives you opportunities

Gymnasieskolan Knut Hahn

Here, a stimulating spirit and environment is offered where both students and staff feel joy, development and satisfaction. The students feel anticipation for the future and feel that they are well equipped for a life as independent individuals in society.

We are a school with both breadth and depth - Welcome to us!

Secondary school program

At Gymnasieskolan Knut Hahn there are 11 interesting programs to choose from.
We offer 6 vocational programs, 5 university preparatory programs and an introductory program.

A vocational program is a program that leads you to a specific profession. It provides a basis for professional activity and continued vocational training. The vocational program always contains at least 15 weeks of practice, so-called workplace-based learning (APL). As of the upper secondary school election HT 2023, vocational programs provide automatic basic eligibility for university. The qualification can be opted out and is not a requirement for a high school diploma.

Barn- och fritidsprogrammet
Bygg- och anläggningsprogrammet
Business Management and Economics Program
El- och energiprogrammet
Arts program
Försäljnings- och serviceprogrammet
Industritekniska programmet
Natural science program
Technical program
Magnus Magnusson Principal for Flight Technology programme
"You can apply for the Aeronautical Engineering course regardless of where in the country you live. We are keen that you get a top-class education that makes you sought after on the job market - as well as that you have well-functioning accommodation and free time during your studies."
Anna Isaksson, Principal for IM
"On the introductory programs, we work together so that you can enter a national high school program, Komvux or be able to get a job right after school. Therefore, we plan the studies individually according to your prior knowledge and your goals in life."
Linda Andersson, Principal for BA, EE, IN, NA, TE
"We work so that our young people who leave school will be full-fledged professionals, equipped for professional life or for studies at university. Skilled and committed educators, a fantastic learning environment and good cooperation with the business world help make this possible."
Emilia Jirle, Principal for BF, EK, ES, HA, SA
"I work so that you, as a student, will be equipped to take advantage of and develop all the opportunities that arise in meetings between people - for your own professional career and for our common future."