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Good reasons to study at Gymnasieskolan Knut Hahn

In short, that’s what we think a school should be – a place full of opportunities where you can achieve your goals. Our aim is that all students attending our school will enjoy their experience here. We are a school that develops in line with the rest of the world, both technically and practically. We offer our students a stimulating environment for their learning and development, and open doors where they can further their knowledge and experience.

We do it together

Students and staff take pride in their school. With that attitude, they together create a very calm school environment with good opportunities to grow and develop in their studies.
We have a high percentage of certified teachers who, with their commitment, create good teaching.

Student health is important to us

We at Gymnasieskolan Knut Hahn want you to feel good during your time here at the school. To help you, there is a student health team consisting of a counselor, special education teacher, study and vocational counselor, school nurses and principal. We have good competence and clear routines regarding student health. Our team works both preventively and outreach, for example by training other staff and by being out in the classrooms and talking to the students.


With us, you can practice your sport during your school days!

At the Knut Hahn Gymnasium, we offer you the opportunity to practice your sport while you are here with us through Local Sports Practice (LIU).
In close cooperation with our local sports associations, you have the chance to train during school hours.

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Combine your high school studies with music!

Do you want to develop yourself in music at the same time as you study a high school program of your choice? Then the music package is the right choice for you!
The music package can be combined with all programs at the school. You get the opportunity to play music with others, develop your musical talent and immerse yourself in an instrument.

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We have full-time mentors at our school

A full-time mentor coaches and supports the students through their schooling and takes care of the student's study social situation. They introduce the students at the start of school, hold mentoring time, follow up on study plans, follow up on absences, are the contact between school and home, hold development talks, solve practical questions - in short, support the student through the education. The full-time mentors are centrally located in the school and are easy to get hold of if you need help or just talk to an adult.

Young entrepreneurship - all students can become entrepreneurs

In the Technology programme, the Economics program and the Sales and service programme, Young Entrepreneurship is a compulsory part of the education. Knut Hahn High School also offers students to run UF companies (entrepreneurship) as an Individual choice.

At Gymnasieskolan Knut Hahn, all students have UF time at the same time, with many joint activities for the various UF projects. Among other things, we arrange business idea cafes and "dragon pitch", where the students meet the business world to get feedback and drive the projects forward. When you have completed your UF company, you will receive a certificate from Ung Företagsamhet which will be a credit on your future CV when you apply for a job.