More possibilities and choices

International work

We work actively with different international activities in the school. Young people of today have more mobility in their lives, regarding their studies and work, and so will be able to consider the whole world as their place of work in the future. By making contact with people from other countries and cultures during their time in school, their ability to adapt to new conditions and environments increases. Therefore we offer our students a lot of opportunities to participate in our different international activities.

Current International projects


We are now an accredited school, which means that we can send students and staff on different activities abroad, during a period of 7 years. Students participate right now in exchanges with Italy and Spain, and also other countries (in the future). Staff can participate in Job Shadowing in different countries and take part in courses abroad. We also have an exchange with a school in Hamburg, Germany, where students go every year. Students attending German or working with Young Entrepreneurship participate in these exchanges. Those exchanges are financed from the German chamber of commerce.
We also receive students and teachers from different countries for exchanges and Job Shadowing at our school.

The European Parliament Ambassador School

Since 2018 the school is part of a programme called “The European Parliament Ambassador Schools” (with 1000 other schools in Europe), and the purpose is to give information to students and staff about EU and to work with educational material concerning EU. Some students are assigned as Junior Ambassadors and some teachers are Senior Ambassadors. This means that they are working with different matters related to the EU and take part in activities related to that. Among other things, they have created a “EU-corner” at school with information. Last year they went to Brussels and visited several EU-institutions.

Other international activities
  • We also arrange activities on different international days at school; such as The European Language Day, The UN Day and The European Day.
  • We work with EU-related issues in different ways, and sometimes invite lecturers who work within EU.
  • We are going to arrange the School election for EU 2024.
Local Sports Education (LIU)

At Gymnasieskolan Knut Hahn, we offer you the opportunity to practice your sport while you are here with us.
In close cooperation with our local sports associations, you have the chance to train during school hours.

Through your individual choice, we offer you training 1-2 times a week, depending on which grade you are in. You can, for example, practice padel, golf,
e-sports, ice hockey, cross training, football or handball. You can also practice other sports in collaboration with your sports club.

The music package

Do you want to develop yourself in music while studying your high school program? Then the music package is the right choice for you!

The music package can be combined with most programs at the school. You get the opportunity to play music with others, develop your musical talent and
immerse yourself in an instrument.

Why choose the music profile?
• Get a professional education with genre breadth.
• Play instruments with others.
• Develops musically, both in groups and individually.
• Get access to fine and well-built ensemble halls with fully equipped music studio rooms. No own instrument is required, we have everything in place.
• Deepen your knowledge of music theory.
• Develops socially.
• Practice stage skills through the opportunity to perform at concerts on many different occasions.