Gående elever i korridor

Programmes available at Gymnasieskolan Knut Hahn

All national programmes cover 2,500 high school credits and are divided into academic programmes and vocational programmes.

Child and Recreation Programme

Child recreation, spare time activities and social work. 

You make a difference!

Are you a sociable and active individual interested in how people develop? Would you enjoy awakening the curiosity of children and young people about the world around them?
 If you are looking for an education that offers both university admission and vocational training, this is the program for you!

Building and Construction Programme

Construction and maintenance of buildings.

Build your future!

Do you enjoy working hands-on? Do you like working both indoors and outdoors? Do you want a varied and creative job? Then the Building and Construction Program is for you!

Business Management and Economics Programme

Economy, entrepreneurship and the study of law.

Invest in your future!

The economics program is aimed at those who want to study the fields of economics and law.
We also cater to those who want to learn how to start, run and develop businesses.

Electricity- and Energy Programme

Electric installations, automated production and energy technology.

Power to the jobs!

If you enjoy technology and working with your hands, this might be the vocational program for you! 

When graduating, you can be a technician in electrical installations,  automated production systems, or alarm and telecommunications technology.

Arts Programme

Arts, music, film, photo and drama.

You own the stage!

Are you passionate about art, image, form, photography, or music and sound production? The aesthetics program is aimed at those who want to work in creative, social science and humanities fields.

Flight Technology Programme

The flight technology programme is a nationwide recruitment programme for those who would like to work as mechanics on airplanes or helicopters.

Careers that aim high!

Are you technically interested and want to use your high school years to learn more from both a theoretical and practical perspective? Do you dream of working with airplanes and helicopters, advanced technology and of having development opportunities with the whole world as a job market? - You can become an aviation engineer!

The Sales and Service Programme

Trade, service and entrepreneurship.

Discover the possibilities!

The obvious choice for those who want to become an entrepreneur, and the quickest route to working life.
Can you continue on to University?  – Absolutely!
Would you to start and run your own business, or do you want direct employment?
Are you prepared to work for what you want to achieve by studying vocationally?

This program is for you who wish to be most prepared to face your market.

Industrial Technology Programme

Industrial processes, product development and welding.

Gear up for the jobs!

You will be sought after on the labor market, you will get a job straight after high school. The industrial engineering program is an exciting and advanced education that can lead to this. You also have the opportunity to continue studying at a university of applied sciences or university.

Introduction Programme

For those who need to complete their skills, or improve their Swedish. This programme helps students to develop themselves and progress in their studies and future plans.

Start where you are!

Do you lack eligibility for upper secondary school? Do you need to supplement your knowledge or are you unsure which program to choose? Do you need to learn better Swedish? The introductory programs help you develop yourself and get on with your studies and future plans.

Natural Science Programme

Mathematics and natural sciences.

Knowledge for life!

The natural sciences program is aimed at those who are interested in mathematics and nature, what affects our living conditions and how we can change them. In this education, you learn to think critically and logically with the help of mathematical models, experiments, laboratories and field studies.

Social Science Programme

Social sciences, psychology, media and communication.

Make the world a little better!

Are you interested in how everything works in our society? How we humans function in different contexts and how you can be involved and influence all of this? During the three years, you will get the chance to learn more about how our society is shaped and changes.

Technical Programme

Design, product development, information technology and media.

Change the future!

Do you walk around and see things that could be done better? Do you like clever challenges and have the ability to think one step further? If you are creative and technically minded at the same time - then the Technology program is right for you!