Gymnasieskolan Knut Hahn

Blasius Königsgatan 27

Welcome to a study visit

Experience our school in action! Feel free to book a visit to see our engaging classrooms and explore the rich programs we offer.

From left: Thomas Westling, Lina Sevig (Tittie Österström - has ended her employment with us)

Study and Vocational Guidance

We have four Study and Vocational Counsellors, responsible for various programmes, who can help you with guidance and answer questions.

Thomas Westling (FX, NA, TE, BA, EE, IN)

Tel. +46 (0)721-72 85 88

Lina Sevig (IM)  

Tel. +46 (0)457-61 83 57

Linda Hasselberg (IMY)

Tel. +46 (0)457-61 75 82


We have four responsible principals at Gymnasieskolan Knut Hahn.

Emilia Jirle 

Principal of BF, EK, ES, FS, SA

Tel. +46 (0)457-61 83 64

Anna Isaksson

Principal of IM

Tel. +46 (0)457-61 83 71

Magnus Magnusson

Principal of FX

Tel. +46 (0)457-61 83 91

Linda Andersson

Principal of BA, EE, IN, NA, TE

Tel. +46 (0)457-61 84 09

From left: Magnus Magnusson, Linda Andersson, Emilia Jirle and Anna Isaksson